Automated 3D Printer Design

Project Duration: 6 Months

Client Name: Infinity Flow 3D Printing

Project Cost: $25,000 + Royalty

Our team started from an idea, conceptualizing, designing, and executing the development of an innovative automated 3D printer bringing it all the way to the final product. Leveraging our expertise in mechanical, electrical, and software engineering, we aimed to revolutionize additive manufacturing processes by creating a highly efficient, versatile, and user-friendly 3D printing solution.

Our Strategy

Our strategy for designing a fully autonomous 3D printer focuses on combining high-speed, high-quality printing with advanced automation features. We use precise mechanical design and smart motion control to optimize print times without sacrificing quality. The printer includes an intelligent queuing system, allowing users to load multiple print jobs, which it manages seamlessly with automated bed leveling, nozzle cleaning, and filament loading. Real-time monitoring and remote connectivity ensure the printer can run continuously with minimal human intervention, meeting industry standards for speed, quality, and efficiency.

Innovative Design Elements

Using elegant mechanical designs, our team was able to simplify complex automation tasks into basic mechanisms. Not only does this increase the reliability and consistency of these automation tasks, it also eliminates the potential for programming bugs causing failures in processes like cleaning the print nozzle.  

Mechanical Design

To maximize the performance of this printer, our team understood that the design of the printer gantry had to be extremely rigid and lightweight. To achieve this, a carbon fiber gantry beam was used for its exceptional strength-to-weight ratio. Printer accelerations were also increased by minimizing the weight of the print head wherever possible. 

Electrical Design

This printer was designed to integrate seamlessly with off the shelf electrical components. Throughout the customer research preformed by our engineers, we found that customers were hesitant to purchase printers with proprietary electronics due to the difficulty sourcing replacement parts. To accommodate this requirement, our engineers designed a system from off the shelf components to reliably and consistently control this printer. 

Maximizing Performance

In order to create a printer that would rival the speed and quality of other top of the line printers on the market, our engineers carefully sourced motors, pulleys, belts and other hardware that would perfectly complement the mechanical design of the 3D printer. Special care was taken to ensure that these components fit within the price constraints of the project, ensuring the printer could be sold on the market at a reasonable price with great profit margins.