BMW Road Course Wing

Project Duration: 1 Month

Client Name: Private Client

Project Cost: $1500

This project was commissioned by a client looking to improve the aerodynamic of his BWM track car. With ambitious downforce goals, special care was taken to design a wing that met all of the downforce requirements while minimizing the amount of drag created by the wing at track speeds. 

Our Strategy

Due to the constraints and budget of this project, we chose to utilize a proven airfoil commonly used in motorsports and optimize it for use on the client’s car. Using computational fluid dynamics software, we identified the optimal angle of attack for the wing and the proper gurney flap size for our application. From there, per the client’s request, we continued development of the wing endplates to create a design that reduced the drag created due to vortices at the wing tips. Finally, we took the geometry we developed to create strong, easy to manufacture wing structure as well as 3D printable molds for the wing skins and endplates. In order to aid our client during the construction of this wing, we also chose to include detailed assembly documentation for his reference. 

Aerodynamic Design

Our team used advanced computer simulations to design a road course wing. We analyzed how air flows around the wing to shape it for maximum stability and downforce, especially during high-speed turns and straight-line driving. By fine-tuning the design through these simulations, we created a wing that offers improved exceptional downforce with minimal drag. 

Mechanical Design

The mechanical design of the internal rib structure was specially designed to the clients’ specifications based on the resources available to construct the wing. Using computer simulations we were able to design extremely lightweight, rigid, and easy to manufacture ribs for the selected airfoil shape. 

Project Deliverables

  • 3D CAD Models

    • Internal Wing Structure
    • Endplate Design
    • Wing Skin Molds
    • Endplate Molds
  • Technical Drawings

    • Rib Manufacturing Drawings
    • Cutting Guides
    • Assembly Documentation