Pricing Options

Flex Plan

Partnership Plan

Pay By Project

Best For:
Individuals and Small Companies
Individuals and Startups
Medium to Large Companies
Recommended Project Type:
Miscellaneous Design Engineering work
Product design and product launch consulting
Medium Sized Projects, Full product design
Recommended Project Length:
Less than 1 Month
1 to 3 Months
Billing Type:
Hourly Rate
Discounted Hourly or Fixed Cost with Profit Sharing of Final Product
Fixed Project Cost
Invoiced Biweekly
Negotiable Payment terms.
Negotiable Upfront payment followed by installments.

Pay By Project

Price: $1500

Project Duration: 3 weeks

What To Expect

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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some common questions we get about our product design engineering pricing. Can’t find the answers you are looking for? Feel free to contact us and ask.

Flex Plan

What types of services are best suited for the Flex Plan?

The Flex Plan is tailored for quick fixes, small projects, and miscellaneous design work. It’s perfect for addressing immediate needs without committing to a larger scope.

Can the Flex Plan accommodate urgent or last-minute design tasks?

Absolutely! The Flex Plan is designed to provide swift solutions, making it an excellent choice for urgent or unexpected design requirements.

How is the hourly rate determined for the Flex Plan?

The hourly rate is fixed and determined based on the complexity and nature of the design work. Contact us for a personalized quote based on your specific project details.

Is there a minimum number of hours required for the Flex Plan?

The Flex Plan is adaptable, and there’s no minimum hour requirement. Whether you need a quick tweak or extended support, we’re here to assist based on your project needs.

Can the Flex Plan be upgraded to another plan for a larger project?

Certainly! If your project evolves into a larger scope, we can discuss transitioning to a more comprehensive plan that aligns with your project requirements.

Partnership Plan

How does the profit-sharing aspect work in the Partnership Plan?

In the Partnership Plan, Step One becomes a business partner, sharing profits made on the final product. It aligns us with client interests for a collaborative and mutually beneficial relationship.

Can clients choose to switch between hourly and fixed rates in the Partnership Plan?

The Partnership Plan offers flexibility, allowing clients to choose between a discounted hourly rate and a discounted fixed rate based on their preferences and project needs.

What advantages does the Partnership Plan bring beyond financial savings?

Beyond cost savings, the Partnership Plan fosters a long-term collaborative relationship. Clients benefit from Step One’s expertise, and the shared commitment to success enhances project outcomes.

Is the Partnership Plan suitable for all types of projects?

The Partnership Plan is versatile and can be tailored to suit various project sizes and complexities. We can discuss how the plan can be customized to meet your specific project requirements.

Pay by Project

How is the fixed price determined for the Pay by Project plan?

The fixed price is determined during the initial project consultation, considering factors such as project complexity, scope, and deliverables. It’s designed to provide clarity and budget predictability.

Are there any hidden fees with the Pay by Project plan?

No hidden fees. The fixed price agreed upon in the initial stages covers all outlined deliverables. We prioritize transparency to ensure a straightforward and honest working relationship.

Can additional features or changes be accommodated in the Pay by Project plan?

Additional features or changes can be discussed and incorporated, subject to mutual agreement. We aim to be flexible and collaborative throughout the project.

How do payment installments work in the Pay by Project plan?

Payment installments are scheduled at key project milestones. This ensures that payments are made in alignment with the progress of the project, providing financial flexibility for clients.

What makes the Pay by Project plan the most popular choice?

Clients often choose this plan for its fixed price, structured payment installments, and the predictability it brings to the project, ensuring a clear and well-defined collaboration.

Lets discuss which pricing plan is right for you.